Sue Castillon meets with Portsmouth Labour students

Labourstudents group photo

Great night with Portsmouth Labour Students where I spoke about my background, how I came into politics, themes and issues in Portsmouth. Good to see politically astute young people discussing the NHS, bringing back legal aid, housing, tuition fees etc. Good to see Josh there who has come out door knocking with us. Roxy is now a Facebook friend and we will maintain the link through social media and Ben Perry who is an active member of the Portsmouth South campaign. Ryan Carter, chair of the students, did very well to organise the event and bring people together. Who would have thought it talking politics and having fun!

Labour reports on housing in Portsmouth

red brickThe headline messages from a new report produced by Portsmouth Labour Party highlight major housing problems within the city. This is how a new Labour Government would help:

  • The bedroom tax is hitting vulnerable and disabled people in Portsmouth – a Labour Government will scrap the bedroom tax.
  • Many tenants in Portsmouth are struggling to pay their rents because of the cost of living crisis – Labour will scrap letting fees, introduce a national register of landlords and bring in longer term tenancies with predictable rents.
  • Many people in Portsmouth live in bad housing conditions with poor heating and insulation – Labour will make 5 million homes more energy efficient by 2025.
  • Portsmouth has a shortage of affordable housing – Labour will get 200,000 homes built a year across the country by 2020, including more homes for social and affordable rent.

Click here to read the full report

For progressive debate on homes, housing and communities, read the Red Brick blog from the Labour Housing Group

Pruscilla’s fundraising Christmas Party


Joined Pruscilla and her team at her fundraising event at the Portsmouth Cathedral innovation centre for struggling families in Africa.  Said a few words supporting her new charity and had a very encouraging and supportive response.   Saw a neighbour’s daughter performing in a Portsmouth street dance group and a young Asian man singing opera! Food was amazing and traditional African plus we loved the icecream and jelly for the children!


Don’t Stop Me Now!

After seeing the New Year in listening to Queen songs I think it is very apt that my signature tune is “Don’t Stop Me Now” you should see me dance to this one!

It will be now be full on until May 7th, Door knocking in Fratton ward every Saturday 10.30am and Charles Dickens ward every Sunday am starting on the 10th January.  All training is given and you will work with an experienced mentor.  We are conducting 2 street stalls with the theme of Housing in Palmerston Rd shopping precinct on 24th Jan and 21st Feb and there will be 15,000 leaflets to deliver in February so there is plenty to do and get involved with just contact us, it is great fun!

Sue meets Rachel Reeves

1614395_615830768544661_367737300356571843_oSue at the Portsmouth Labour Party Christmas dinner  – December 16th 2014

Rachel Reeves tabled a motion to the House of Commons the very next day to scrap the Bedroom Tax and it lost by a narrow margin of votes.  Had the Lib Dems voted for it, as they have said the tax should be axed, we would have defeated the Tory led Government on this matter.

Sue appears on Talk Solent

Sue at Solent TV
Sue appearing on the new That’s Solent TV channel. In the photo with Chrissie the facilitator of Talk Solent and 2 other male guests.

On this 1 hour long local TV chat show reviewing the papers we discussed the 6 hour wait of ambulances at the QA hospital in Portsmouth and the NHS generally. Should prisoners get the vote? Immigration,  steam trains on the Isle of Wight developing this as a social enterprise and Is there community cohesion in Portsmouth?

Leaflet delivery for Portsmouth South Campaign

On a very rainy day I have been sorting out thousands of leaflets to be delivered in Fratton ward, Portsmouth, and I have 4 helpers so far to do this. On Saturday me, Ben and JC will make a start on north of the ward. It is often an interesting exercise delivering leaflets especially when the weather is OK some residents come out to talk with you about the leaflets, you start to get a sense of the ward through observations about who is about, state of the housing, what businesses are about, is there a sense of community? It is also good for your fitness level!

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