Outside Sure Start Somers Town
Outside SureStart Centre

Campaigning against the closures of SureStart Centres in Portsmouth.

The then Lib Dem administration for the council kept centres open but cut the staff by half who are unable to give a full service for parents and children. Many centres have had to amalgamate.

Bedroom tax demo
Bedroom Tax Demo

Campaigning for no evictions due to the ‘bedroom tax’. Portsmouth City Council voted against the motion

This is having a devastating effect on over 1,000 Portsmouth residents where many have been forced to move to smaller properties as they can’t afford the extra payment for the bedroom tax. LABOUR WOULD SCRAP THIS TAX

Bangladeshi fundraiser
Bangladeshi fundraiser
 Sue with Portsmouth Bangladeshi women at their fundraising event for Syrian refugees.
Speaking at the event, Sue said: “The Red Cross and Syrian Red Crescent volunteers have dealt with over 1 million child refugees, and 34 Syrian volunteers have been killed since 2011. The organisations need money for blankets, tents, first aid kits and equipment to help the volunteers’ work. The Secretary General of the Red Cross is quoted as saying the situation is a ‘cycle of despair’. 

Community Activist