Progress on the doorstep

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABig thanks to John, Josh and Ben for turning out every Saturday morning to do door knocking in very cold conditions. Portsmouth residents do want to talk with us on a wide range of subjects car parking,education, housing, the bedroom tax and much more. There is an overall feeling that residents are pretty fed up with this government and also with the LibDems. One man said that in the 2010 General Election he voted LibDem, he thought tactically, to get the Tories out “Well that did not work did it? I am voting Labour in May.”

We are producing some really good results on Labour promises from 50% to 70% and I am checking the figures several times to make sure I have got it right! City wide it feels like we are turning a corner, we are getting less adverse comments about Ed Milliband and people are thinking, talking and debating. We still have threats from UKIP and the Green Party and other smaller parties but I am registering miniscule numbers voting this way.

I do think it will be a straight fight between Labour and Tory on election day although in Portsmouth South the betting offices have me 4th on 16/1 Flick Drummond evens, GVJackson 5/2, UKIP 6/2. It may be worth a flutter on me I know someone who has put £10 down. I never thought I would end up compared to a horse race but hey ho that’s life and politics!